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ViewPoint is an original development of low impact, energy-efficient homes, built to exceptional environmental standards. A combination of forward-thinking design and sustainable technology means every property has been SAP ‘A’ rated for energy use and environmental impact* - classing each property in the top one percent of new build homes nationwide.

On average, household energy requirements @Totterdown will be less than 10% of a similar-sized Victorian property, and as little as a third of a typical new build home, which could mean substantial savings on your annual energy costs.

ViewPoint energy and carbon comparison

Low impact energy

Every home at ViewPoint is fitted with high output, 320W photovoltaic panels to provide your home with free, environmentally-friendly, solar energy. Altogether, the PV panels at ViewPoint produce up to 25,150 kWh/year – that’s enough to power four electric cars for a year, or make a quarter of a million cups of tea.

In larger properties, solar energy is paired with air source heat pumps to heat your home more efficiently. The pump extracts the warmth from outside air to help heat water for zoned underfloor heating, radiators and hot water. Heat pumps are carbon neutral, when powered by PV or similar alternative energy sources, delivering up to three times as much thermal energy as the electrical energy used to drive them.

All lighting and appliances at Viewpoint are ultra-efficient too, reducing the amount of energy needed to run them.

Smart controls and meters

A smart meter allows you to monitor your energy use to see when you’re using the most energy and how much it’s costing you. According to the Energy Saving Trust, for many households, installing a smart meter means they see a reduction in their energy bills immediately. And to help manage requirements, your new home also comes with its own mobile, app-based, smart heating control system, allowing you to select temperatures and timers remotely, and match your settings to your lifestyle.

A brighter aspect

At ViewPoint, dramatic, oversize, thermally-insulated windows let more natural daylight flood into your home, illuminating the interiors, reducing your reliance on artificial lights and helping to warm your house through solar gain, as well as cutting heat loss during winter.

Stop wasting energy

In a traditional home up to 70% of heat produced escapes through the roof, walls and floor. That’s a lot of wasted energy. Homes at ViewPoint are designed with a more effective thermal envelope, by bringing together insulation that’s a cut above the norm, outstanding airtightness and a precision-built timber frame to minimise heat loss through the structure of the property.

Timber frame
can save up to

1,000 kilograms of c02/m3

Timber frame – built from trees

Strong, light and completely renewable, wood is a carbon neutral material that’s also a great insulator. Timber frame construction has the lowest COcost of any commercial building material: it takes less energy to produce and build with and, of course, it’s easily recycled. In fact, every timber frame home saves a potential four tonnes of CO2, approximately equal to that produced by two family cars in a year.**

All timber used at ViewPoint is sourced from accredited suppliers in accordance with the requirements of the FSC® - meaning as a homeowner you’re helping to support sustainable, managed European forests that soak up CO2, helping the fight against global warming.

We’ve reduced the carbon cost of construction at ViewPoint in other ways too; by minimising energy and resource use, working with local suppliers and tradespeople, using British made products and materials where possible, and encouraging our partners to cut back on plastic and recycling waste materials.

Supporting a carbon
conscious lifestyle

ViewPoint is a place that makes it easier to live greener, and a little healthier too. It’s a twenty minute walk if you work in the city centre. Or there’s secure bike storage to make the most of Britain’s most cycle-friendly city. There’s shopping and public transport at the end of the street. And for trips further afield, every townhouse garage is pre-wired for an electric car charge point and future battery storage.

* Rated “very energy efficient – lower running costs” and “very environmentally friendly – lower CO2 emissions”. This is a predicted energy and environmental assessment for a property not yet completed and includes a predicted energy rating which may not represent the final energy rating of the property on completion.

** Based European Environment Agency data for a 2018 model car travelling 10,000 miles.

‡ Costs are based on the government Standard Assessment Programme measuring energy required for heating, hot water and lighting only. Cost will vary based on additional energy use and individual circumstances.

† Electric car based on an assumed 10,000 miles per car at 300w/m. Cups of tea based on a 1.5L kettle, taking 3 minutes to boil.



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